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What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+.

The world’s biggest social media networks open up new and exciting possibilities for your brand. They bridge the gap between the corporate and personal spheres, bringing brands closer to their fans, and fans closer to each other.

As exciting as it sounds, social media marketing isn’t without its dangers. Your competition is always trying to jostle its way into your customers’ feeds and displacing you from their minds. There are also thousands of non-competing brands your fans may be following and which could drown out your voice on social media, not to mention having to actively manage incoming comments, good or bad, which could make or break your brand’s reputation.

Our team of social media experts bring to the table creative, out-of-the-box ideas that help you succeed on a platform where the main currency is attention and the value of your efforts is measured by the engagement your content generates.

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Social Media Marketing Malta (SMM)
Social Media Marketing Malta (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services Malta will:

  • Create and develop your brand’s social media presence. The team at will open and set up social media pages on the major networks, as well as other social sites that are relevant to your line of business. We’ll pick the best usernames and upload the information needed to get your page going on your behalf. If you already manage your brand’s social media sites, we’ll see if there are any more sites that could be added to your portfolio and carry out a detailed scan to get a baseline reading of your current social media activity.
  • Build a consistent brand presence across social media sites. As your fans stumble across the different social media sites where your brand lives, it’s important to give them a consistent experience to build loyalty and reassure them of your authenticity. We’ll pay attention that images and other media assets are given similar prominence across various channels, so that no matter where your fans connect with you first, they’ll feel right at home in any corner of the social media universe you manage.
  • Produce irresistible viral content your fans can’t help but sharing. We’ll provide you with step-by-step guidance on the best types of content to share and when to post it for optimum engagement results. Our team of social media experts will coach you on how to exploit real-time trends and help your brand ride on the crest of the latest online buzz by using hashtags and posting relevant content. We’ll also show you to deal appropriately with any mishaps that could hurt your brand’s reputation when operating in a dynamic and unpredictable environment like social media.
  • Snowball your fan base using various social media tools and strategies. Our social media experts are fluent with a variety of social media analytics tools that will delve deep into your fan base to extract detailed demographic and behavioural information which allows you understand better what customer segment is following your brand. Armed with these insights, we’ll set up a social media game plan for your brand that accelerates the growth of your fan base.
  • Set up paid social media marketing campaigns that deliver results. Besides growing your social media presence organically, we can also help you embark on paid social media marketing campaigns that draw attention to your social pages or else draws viewers to a customised landing page on your main website. You can also flag special offers to select customers or quickly promote a branded event. Our social media experts will leverage your social media ad budget to get the best results at the lowest costs.
  • Send you timely reports about your social media marketing efforts. Our social media experts will give you the opportunity to scrutinise the results obtained from your investment in social media marketing. We’ll compile reports that highlight the goals that were met by your social marketing campaigns, and describe which aspects need re-tooling.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Reserve your spot in the social media party. You just can’t afford to miss out on social media as part of your marketing mix. It’s the single place where all your existing and prospective customers (and competitors!) are gathering. Your brand needs to plant its own flag on the world’s biggest social networking platforms; our experienced social media team will keep it fly high.
  • Cultivate a followership that shares your brand values and ideals. By posting relevant content on a regular basis, your social media sites will naturally cause the people who are most attracted by your brand to gravitate towards you and start engaging. In no time at all, you can build a loyal following who will spread your brand values and ideals far and wide, helping you breach new and unexpected markets.
  • Stay on top of your customers’ mind. What’s the one thing your customers will do at least once per day? Check their social media feed! The team at makes sure that when that happens: your brand pops up and reminds them of the latest news and offers, keeping you constantly implanted within their consciousness.
  • Connect with thousands of customers instantly. Whether you’re chasing after hundreds, or thousands, or millions of followers – no matter how big or small your social media marketing aspirations are – our social media experts will walk through a number tried-and-tested social media strategies and tools that can help you reach your goals.
  • Let your biggest fans be your best marketers. Once you’ve accumulate a sizeable and fervent fan base, the promotional part of your social media marketing pretty much sorts itself out. However, nothing can substitute the effort that needs to be done in the content creation and social media planning phase. Our social media team will be your trusty companions working behind the scenes, while you bask in your fans adulation!
  • It’s 100% free to get started. With just a few click we’ll get your brand on all the major social media sites. Our team will start working right away on filling your pages with exciting and interesting content that your fans will want to engage, as well as linking your social media presence with your main website so that new content can be promoted automatically across all your brand’s online properties.

Do you want to grow your brand into the next social media A-lister?

Yes, let’s do this.

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