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SMM: Should I go with single or multiple accounts?

This is a commonly asked question especially when starting a social media marketing campaign. There is no straight up answer because it highly depends on your business (just like most questions in SMM). For small business it should be enough to create a single account which connects your Facebook, Twitter and other social networks together. Large companies decide to have one main account to represent the whole company (example a main account on Facebook, another on Twitter and so on) and then a number of ‘smaller’ (by smaller I’m not referring to size but in the sense that it’s not representing the whole company but a small part of it) accounts which are managed by the company shops. This give them the ability to update their accounts with respect to each shop geographical location and can specifically and separately target shop needs. Other large companies, such as Google, decided to segment their accounts on the products which they offer, such as with Google, Google Maps, Google AdWords, Google Play and so on.